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Digital Marketing Company in Delhi (India)
We are a leading Digital Marketing Company in Delhi (India). We provide affordable digital marketing services. Grow your business with our Fully-fledged Digital Marketing Services.
Mobile App Development Company in Delhi (India)
We are the best Mobile app development company in Delhi (India). We provide high-quality android & iOS Apps at affordable prices. Grow your business with our mobile app development services.
Web Design & Development Company in Delhi (India)
With over 10 years of web design & development experience. We are leading web design & development company in Delhi (India). Get beautiful, clean, responsive & SEO friendly Websites.
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Vivid Development Services Pvt Ltd creates Vivid Techno as a brand to cater to technical solutions to SME industrial clients. As an IT service provider company do website designing services to Mobile App Development to promote their products/services in best possible manners. Basic objective of the company is to establish a Vivid Techno brand as a platform to industrial clients to accelerate business through digital marketing and manage or control operational expenses through the development of web-based solutions. To support in day to day operation of a company we segregate the whole process in department wise. 

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Arlyn Lifesciences Pvt Ltd
Bester Buy
Genesee Medicals
Madnani Hospital
Simco Fashion India


Creative Strategy

Creative Strategy

Ideas that deliver ROI
Experienced Team

Experienced Team

Reliable and Responsible People
Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results

Amazing Analytics & Reports
Strategic Control

Strategic Control

Conversion Optimization

Customer First Approach

Vivid Techno provides routine weekly communication, monthly reporting, as well as strategy reviews to ensure each digital marketing campaign is positioned for maximum results. Our customer service first attitude, commitment to communication & transparency and our strategic reporting make us the perfect digital marketing services company for your brand.

Vivid Techno has built a team of online marketing professionals to help you RULE THE WEB. We take a custom approach with each client to create a detailed strategy with the appropriate digital marketing services that will deliver results for any digital marketing campaign.

Earning Qualified Traffic

Earning Qualified Traffic

A website without traffic is worthless but a website with the right traffic flowing in consistently can propel a business to new heights. Our marketers partner with you to identify your target market and get to work making your site more visible to your key market through our comprehensive digital marketing services.

Measurable Advertising

Measurable Advertising

The right advertising campaign can be the secret sauce to your business's success. By focusing on ROI from the starting line, our marketing team crafts PPC, display, geotargeted and remarketing campaigns engineered for success. Experience results from digital advertising that have a real impact on the bottom line.

Design That Dazzles

Design That

Your business is unique and you need a website that can help separate you from the competition. By focusing on the latest web standards while maintaining a keen eye for conversion-based design, the Vivid Techno interactive team lays the creative groundwork for your digital presence with cutting-edge website design.

Expand Your Social Reach

Expand Your
Social Reach

In 2018, connectivity and online interaction is a must for any company focused on growth. Our social media team are experts in creating and executing a social media management plan that gets the right message in front of your desired audience. Let us help you sort out what platforms, posts, and #hashtags will help you grow.

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We've driven over 4,577,349 leads for clients. Discover how we can help your business grow.

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  • What is SEO? How Does it Work?

    SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing your website such that it ranks on top on major search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. The top rankings on search engines translates to more traffic on your website thereby driving more leads and sales for your business.

    So how does SEO work?

    Search Engines rely on search algorithms, comprising of up to 200 ranking factors, to display the most relevant and high-quality websites in search results. SEO specialists understand these algorithms and ranking factors and optimize your website accordingly. So SEO works by improving your website according to ranking factors such as meta tags, keywords, content placement, backlinks and much more. 
  • Why is SEO so Important?

    It is important that every business should invest in SEO because:
    SEO helps businesses connect with users actively searching for them. This is the most valuable kind of visitor since they have a high intent to buy or convert. SEO aids increase in the quantity of relevant traffic SEO builds trust and credibility and helps you stay ahead of the competition SEO is a lot less expensive than paid advertising and performs much better. Ad fatigue is creeping in and users tend to ignore ads and click only on organic, unpaid results SEO is low-maintenance - you only need to invest in an SEO agency or in-house SEO specialists SEO is a long-term marketing and communications strategy, with a great ROI SEO improvements lead to a better user experience and higher engagement
  • What are the Types of SEO services?

    Strategically, good SEO practices should focus on strengthening the following areas on your website:
    Technical SEO - ensuring that a search engine can crawl, explore and read your content. Additionally, site speed, adaptability and responsiveness is also a key factor in technical SEO. This begins with website design and development. Content - content marketing is the most forward-looking, long-term and scalable way to promote your business organically. All content on a website should be optimized to aid a customer's journey to conversion. On-page SEO – a well-structured content hierarchy, aided by targeted keywords, descriptive URLs, metatags and strong CTAs aids good user experience and optimization. Off-page SEO – external link-building and connecting your existing content to the vast internet will build authority and drive traffic.
  • What is included in SEO services?

    There is a lot of information out there about SEO services. We’ve made it a little simpler by outlining the 5 key areas SEO services should include:
    On-Page SEO: On-page SEO is related to the user experience and content of your website such as headlines, page content, and structure. It includes researching the right keywords, creating content for your audience, building internal links and optimizing pages so that search engines can understand and rank this content. Technical SEO: Technical SEO refers to improvements in the site structure and navigability. This type of SEO focuses on improving site speed, responsiveness, indexing, crawlability, site architecture, structure data, and security. Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO refers to the relationship your website shares with the rest of the internet. It prioritizes link building from authoritative and relevant websites in order to increase traffic and build credibility. Local SEO: Local SEO will aim at getting exposure for your business in the local area it serves through directory listings and maps features. SEO Monitoring: Tracking performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is crucial to SEO success - SEO services can be revised, tweaked and optimised for success if monitoring is constant.
    A great SEO agency will keep you informed and make you part of the process, with regular reports and updates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Why I Should Hire an SEO Company?

    Examine your business objectives carefully and hire an SEO company if you’re interested in the following:
    Increased rankings in the SERPs and more organic traffic Increased leads, sales and revenue and growth for your business An understanding of your website traffic, its breakdown, and its contribution to the business A solid footing in a new geographic area Getting ahead of your competitors Long-term growth for your business A cost-effective way of connecting with users with high intent A partner that understands the nuances of SEO and will help you grow through focused efforts An outside perspective in improving user experience on your website

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