7 Social Media Advertising Statistics You Need to Know in 2019

7 Social Media Advertising Statistics You Need to Know in 2019, Vivid Techno Best Web Company India

As you already know, Social media is booming in 2019 and it will continue to boom in 2020 and upcoming years as well. According to Smart Insights, Facebook dominates the social media advertising platform. There are other platforms as well but Facebook is the one which has the highest engagement rate. If you are looking for a way to capture new and relevant leads, social media advertising can help you attract the right people. These ads allow you to target people with the most interest in your business and drive them to check your product and services.

As social media is continuing to grow day by day, and more people are joining these platforms, you’ll have more opportunities to reach people interested in your business.

In this article, we are gonna share 7 social media advertising statistics that show why social media advertising deserves your attention.

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1. 71% of adults with internet access are on social media

7 Social Media Advertising Statistics You Need to Know in 2019, Vivid Techno Best Web Company India

Social media is an amazing place to reach new leads because people are on social media. Approx, three-quarters of all adults with internet access are active on social media. This statistic means that more than 250 million Indian adults use social media platforms

So, why does this matter to your company?

When you are advertising your business, you want to reach as many people interested in your organization as possible. If most of those people are all in one place, why wouldn’t you want to use that platform for advertising and reaching them?

Social media provides an opportunity for you to reach interested consumers and business buyers all in one place. You can target different groups of people with a single channel. It’s one of the best ways to reach a range of new people with different type of ads.


2. More than 7 million advertisers are active on Facebook

7 Social Media Advertising Statistics You Need to Know in 2019, Vivid Techno Best Web Company India

When you are advertising on social media sites, you really want to use a platform that allows you to reach as many people as possible. Right? That’s why many advertisers prefer using Facebook because of its broad reach.

When you take a look at social media advertising stats, you will find that there are more than 7 million advertisers actively using Facebook to reach new shoppers and leads, as well as generate revenue.

Facebook has one of the broadest demographically diverse platforms. Many companies consider using facebook for their advertisement because they can reach people from all demographics on Facebook

Let’s Look at the percentage of Indian adults that use Facebook:

  • 13-17: 5.5% (Female)   | 13-17: 19.5% (Male)
  • 18-24: 23.4% (Female) |  18-24: 73.8% (Male)
  • 25-34: 18.5% (Female) |  25-34: 62.6% (Male)
  • 35-44: 6% (Female)     | 35-44: 22.6% (Male)
  • 45-54: 2.6% (Female)  | 45-54: 8.6% (Male)
  • 55-64: 1.1% (Female)  | 55-64: 3.4% (Male)
  • 65+: 0.6% (Female)     | 65+: 1.8% (Male)


As you can see above, Facebook attracts people of all ages. That makes it a great platform for businesses with any demographics. Facebook has the most reach in terms of diverse audiences.

When you look at these social media statistics by Hootsuite. You can see why advertisers choose social platforms like Facebook to reach people interested in their business.

The social network is very powerful at this time. It can bring significant benefits to your company and help you find more people interested in your products or services.


3. Mobile Advertising covers 93% of Facebook’s $55 Billion ad revenue in 2018

7 Social Media Advertising Statistics You Need to Know in 2019, Vivid Techno Best Web Company India

Mobile advertising is a vital part of advertising on social media. We generally access social media from our mobile devices. Around 67% of people use the app, and 41% use a mobile web browser to access social media.

In comparison to those social media advertising statistics, 57% of people use computer browsers to access social media sites. Many people use a combination of apps, desktop, and mobile browsers, but it’s important to notice that most people use social apps.

With the increased usage of mobile apps and browsers, mobile advertisements are becoming essential for businesses. Because everyone has a mobile phone nowadays. You can easily find people in metro and bus, using their social accounts from their phone. That’s why many companies use mobile advertising for Facebook to reach mobile users and get them to check out their business.

It’s not just about Facebook,

If you’ll take a look at Instagram, You’ll find that mobile advertising on Instagram brought $6.84 Billion in 2018. This revenue is a good sign that mobile advertising is on the rise and holds potential for your business to grow its revenue.

These social media statistics for businesses are very important because they showcase the importance of mobile advertising. Mobile advertising compensates for a large portion of advertising on social and has the potential to drive valuable revenue for your business.


4. Video ads take more than half of Twitter’s $575 Million advertising revenue

7 Social Media Advertising Statistics You Need to Know in 2019, Vivid Techno Best Web Company India

When it comes to advertising on social media, it’s necessary to know how to create content that resonates with your targeted audience. You definitely want to create content that people love and that gets them to engage with your ad.

On Twitter, video ads account for more than half of Twitter’s ad revenue. Videos are a standard format for advertisers. Video ads help businesses portray any information in a powerful manner. These videos engage people and get them to learn more about businesses.

The fact that over half of Twitter’s revenue comes from video ads indicates that videos are incredibly successful on social platforms. Video advertising creates an excellent opportunity for you to reach and engage with your audience better.


5. 73% of people believe that Twitter ads are informative

7 Social Media Advertising Statistics You Need to Know in 2019, Vivid Techno Best Web Company India

This stat is one of the most informative social media advertising stats.


Because many companies believe that ads are invasive and annoy audiences. Over 200 million people use ad blockers, there is a precedent for believing that people don’t want to see ads.

This is where social media advertisements can help. People find social media advertisements to be more attractive. 67% of people say that Twitter ads are not intrusive, but rather, relevant to their interests.

This is something which you should note about social media. You can target people based on their interests, its called interest-based targeting. It lets you connect only with people who are genuinely interested in what you offer.

People don’t mind seeing ads on social media because of the precise targeting available.

Rather than seeing generic ads that don’t interest them, users see targeted advertisements relevant to their interests. These ads aren’t perceived as invasive because they appeal to the people who see them.

Social media ads are crucial because they allow you to reach your target audience without being intrusive or annoying. It’s a great way to advertise your products or services to prospective customers.


6. 74% of calls-to-actions (CTAs) are “Shop Now”

7 Social Media Advertising Statistics You Need to Know in 2019, Vivid Techno Best Web Company India

When you run social media ads, you must include a call to action (CTA) to attract your audience, so they can engage with your ad.


A CTA is necessary because it tells your audience how to proceed next. A CTA makes your audience enter into a sales funnel. If your audience doesn’t know what to do after seeing your ad. You won’t earn leads for your business then.


The most common CTA that is being used in the advertisements is “Shop Now”. It accounts for 74% of the call to actions (CTAs) on social media advertisements. If you add CTA to your ad copy then you are more likely to get a lead or conversion.


There are many other popular CTA you can use in your ad copy. Which include:

  • Learn More (10%)
  • Book Now (8%)
  • Download (4%)
  • Sign Up (4%)

Social media statistics like these can really help you choose the right CTA for your ad. Don’t settle on a particular one. Keep testing and you’ll find the one which resonates with your audience.


7. Biggest opportunity to acquire customers

7 Social Media Advertising Statistics You Need to Know in 2019, Vivid Techno Best Web Company India

At this point, it’s no surprise that social media marketing is essential for your business. Do you know? 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family.


One of the ways that your business could benefit from social media marketing is by providing the best possible customer service. The idea here is to manage your online presence and make sure that you keep in touch with your audience through social media platforms. This includes engaging with them by responding to comments, mentions, and messages. 


When you acquire a customer through your advertisement that is something called frontend work. You also have to manage the backend, that is to provide excellent customer service experience to your audience. So they keep coming back to your site without any advertisement.


Start advertising on social media today

After looking at social media advertising statistics, you can see the impact of advertising on social media and how it can benefit your business to invest in social media advertising.


When you invest in social media advertising, you’ll grow your business by reaching new people and generating quality leads for your business.


At Vivid Techno, We have years of experience in creating social media advertising campaigns that drive results for your business. We have a team of experts that will bring their social media expertise to your campaign.


If you are ready to see why social media advertising is an excellent option for your business, contact us online or call us at (+91)-9811442146 to speak with an expert.

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