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Vivid School Management online Software is Beautifully Designed and Intelligently Developed for Schools.

VIPS : Online School Management System – General Overview

VIPS Online School Management System provides Smart School for any typical school of class 1 to 12th, This Application manages sections of each classes like Section A, Section B etc. VIPS Online School Software will manage various subjects for different classes and sometimes special cases like some subjects are theory and some are practical. Through VIPS Online School Software Exams can be  created using these subjects and classes. There is also provision for Students enter in classes by new admission or promoted by their previous class after successful passing of previous class, Vips Manages both situations. Vips Includes Online Fees Management  of student it will charge fees to students and collecting them at monthly or one time basis. Attendance Module of VIPSo record attendance of students. VIPS Transport Module will providing transport facility to student. Powerful Library Management System of VIPS have online library for students have to maintain books inventory. VIPS School Management System have hostels Module which providing online management hostel facility to students. Obviously VIPS  school software has facility to mange teachers to teach and manage students. Adavnce  like to communicate our teachers, students and parents. Separate Modules for Income/ Expenses to record all the expenses done in our school like miscellaneous bills, salary payments etc. After everything we like to analyze various reports based on school.

School Management System, Vivid Techno Best Web Company India


This VIPS School Management System can also be used for a training centres. Software has provision that may be you like to admit students in two classes, since we have introduce multi class feature where you can admit a single student in two classes simultaneously.

Apart from above VIPS School Management System also provides access to our School to other users like Teachers, Accountants, Librarians, Students and their Parent. For these VIPS Online School have 8 inbuilt user’s roles-  AdminTeacherAccountantLibrarian, ReceptionistStudent and Parent. Virtually you can create unlimited number of user roles for staff members.

VIPS Admin Panel consist 23 modules listed below –

  • Front Office Module – This Module used for all reception  and front office activities like admission enquiry, calls, school visitors, postal receive and dispatch.
  • Student Information Module – Student Information module used for relavent informations about student like student details, student search, student profile, student admission records, and student history.
  • Fees Collection Module – Module Fees Collection contains information for all the student fees collections, fees dues, fees master creation, and fees reports
  • Income Module – This Module of school software used for all the income except fees collection can be manage here like add income, search income, income head.
  • Expenses Module – This Module used for all the expenses related to school and can be manage here like add expenses, search expenses, and expense head.
  • Attendance Module – This Module used for managing student attendance and attendance report
  • Examinations Module – Exam Module of Online School Software used for management all the exams conducted by school like create exam, schedule exam, exam marks entry, and marks grade.
  • Online Examinations Module – School Management Systems, Online Exam Module used for management of online exams conducted by school.
  • Academics Module – This module used for managing all the parameters / master data required to run school like classes, sections, subjects, assign teachers, class timetable, promote student to upper class
  • Human Resource Module – HR Module used for all the information related to staff members can be manage here like staff search, profile, attendance, payroll, leaves
  • Communicate Module – it works like a notice board basically a messaging system for communication to students, parents and teachers
  • Download Center Module – for managing downloadable documents like assignments, study material, syllabus and other documents need to distribute students and teachers
  • Homework Module – teachers can give homework here and further evaluate them
  • Library Module – all the books in your library can be manage here
  • Inventory Module – manage all the assets of your school with stocks and store under inventory module
  • Transport Module – for managing transportation service like routes and their fares
  • Hostel Module – for managing hostels, hostel rooms and their fares
  • Certificate Module – design and generate student certificate and ID Card here
  • Front CMS Module – manage front public site of Smart School here by creating pages, menus, events, gallery, news
  • Reports – all the various reports related to different modules can be found here
  • System Settings Module – configure Smart School here for different settings like school, sessions, admin password, SMS, Paypal, backup / restore, languages
  • Calendar & ToDo List Module – track and manage all daily/monthly activities and create your task in todo list
  • Chat Module – chat for two way messaging staff and students

To understand how VIPS Online School Management System works first we need to configure and setup it for our school.

For Detail contact us @ +91-9811442146.

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