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MLM website designing & development

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) / Network Marketing Conception

MLM / Network Marketing is one of the famous and important tool to increase revenue model of a firm / company. A company can easily multiply its sales with this particular Network Marketing. Multi Level Marketing can be used by a company to get exponential sales volume. Multi Level Marketing can be defined as a referral income earn by its customer / sales channel. Means if a person purchase products from the company with reference to company's existing customers and also sign up a form to become a sales personnel to refer company's products to to get commercial benefits then this whole process can be known as Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing. This Marketing system create multiple levels to do marketing for company, hence known as Multi Level Marketing. It Also create network system in the organisation , so its also known as Network Marketing. 

With numerous incentive plans and sales schemes or structure of sales it can be classified into various type of plan. Lets see the various MLM plans available in the market:

MLM Plans:

  • Binary MLM Plan

  • Matrix MLM Plan

  • Single Leg Plan / Monoline MLM Plan

  • Generation MLM Plan

  • Level Binary MLM Plan

  • Help MLM Plan / Money Order / Donation / Gift MLM Plan 

  • Crowdfunding MLM Plan

  • Uni-Level MLM PLan

  • Board Plan / Matrix Cycle / Revolving Matrix MLM Plan

  • Australian Binary Income MLM Plan

MLM / Network Marketing Website Designing & Development 

MLM website designing & development is a strategical decision 

MLM Site Contains:

  • Online Registration

  • Online Accounts

  • Online Genealogy

  • Online Receipt

  • Statistical (Graphical) Reports

  • Cheque Printing

  • Plan Coverage: MLM Website

  • Binary Income Plan


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+1 #2 Tejasvi 2020-02-15 15:12
Vikas ji, your presentation in youtube video is very impressive. We also want to launch n level matrix plan with product reselling module. please suggest how we can proceed for good quality matrix plan. Initially we want to launch from Delhi NCR region.
+3 #1 Rakesh Singh 2019-11-14 13:00
We want a web based professional MLM software website with binary plan genealogy. Mlm web application must having all the advance features. How much cost estimate we ve to plan for that. Please revert ASAP.

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