Points to Cater before Making an Earning Website for Your Business


Earning money is a common phenomenon for every individual and business personnel. And good tact is to make a quality and earning oriented website to earn profitability. There are several points to make a quality website that earn revenue for you. Know with no1 business consultant Mr Vikas Mishra to basics of making a earning website. Vivid Techno provides full consultancies to produce high quality earning website.

Let’s start with point wise to understand that what make your website profitable.

Fix Your Budget:

This is one of the point where you can have to fix and steady yourself. Make a proper budget for a year to expand on this channel of your website. Smaller the budget will lead to small earning and optimized budget will give you plenty of spaces to generate revenue from your website.

Objectivity of Website:

 You must know the objective of making a website. Objective of making a website is different and have different prospects. One can have informative Website, other have Selling Website, another business personnel can have detailed interactive website. So deciding to a congruent objective is the sole of your development.

Creating a Blueprint against Search Engine Mathematical Equation

It is very well known fact that “Jo Dikhta Hai, Vo Bikta Hai” (Only those thing sold out that are visible into market). And if your Website is well equated as per Search engines then it would equally well perform and extract your potential customers. As you all of aware that earlier google search engine took 30 days to produce results but now a days you can get results in ms. So you have to address a lot of competitors for you on search engine too.

Speed of Web Pages (Especially on Main Page)

 Search Engine prefer speedy web pages on it, and place good places on it. so before going with any theme / template selection make sure it does not have complex structure. Good design is required but dont compromise over heaviness of webpage. So in nut sale you can try to make a page with few redirects, optimised images with next generation extensions.

 Content should be original

This the thumb rule! All of you aware, so only to highlight this point.

Implementation of Google Structure Data / Schema

Implement Schema to get easily listed on search engine as it is easiest way to give a data to search engine. It will help you to get competitive advantages on search engine with fastest submission on search engines. Dont ignore it.

Keyword and Meta Submission 

Last way is to decide on which keywords you should make your presence in the digital market. Every page must have 5 to 6 good and genuine keywords that match your article heading with content too. Dont do spamming of keywords

Good Luck!

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