Hire a Political Campaign / Election Campaign Agency

Hire a Political Campaign / Election Campaign Agency

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Now a days election are managed on Social Media and most of the party and candidates are hiring Election Campaign Agency or Agencies.

Changes in Mode of Political Advertisement

Elections are always having a large budget on advertisement for political parties. Even Individual candidates has to put advertisement to get support for him. This is the mode where political parties and individual candidates believe in to get massive support of public.

Earlier it was Print Media where most of the political parties rely and expenses occurred on printing posters pamphlets, booklets, flex banners and other creatives. These print media creatives of bill boards, hoardings and flex banners were preferred by the political parties. But once BJP / Narendra Modi won election in 2014 Assembly election with Social Media weapon, Social media campaign came in demands.

Poster on Street Wall Vs Facebook Wall

What we observed in recent elections that candidates are more focused on Social Media Creatives rather than putting hoardings on streets or pastings posters on wall. You can see there are more posters on Facebook, Twitter and other social media wall rather than on street wall on locale.

Advantages on Political Campaign on Social Media

Both print media and social media election campaign have their own advantages. Lets have a close eye on Political Campaign on Social Media:

  • Its very easy and approachable
  • Post on social media or wall exist for longer time than print media
  • Focused reach in target population
  • Cost Savior
  • Reach out easily to most flexible voter i.e. youth

Hire a Election/ Media Agency for Political Campaign

To design a political campaign one must to hire a experienced Election Campaign / Media Agency. Agency can easily design your political campaign and produce desired output.

To hire a election agency or Media Agency for your political campaign call us at + 91 9811442146 or +91 9811445833

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