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Kotlin is a statically typed language. It’s the new generation programming language with a modern and open source environment. It allows developers to build mobile and web applications for Android, JVM (Java Virtual Machine), modern browsers, and native solutions. It can be used with Java. Kotlin is concise, simple and easy to read and write. It’s a very expressive language, and much more concise than Java, making Kotlin the perfect modern replacement for it.

Why use Kotlin?

  • Fast: Kotlin is simple and compact. Its the language which enhances the efficiency of the development team. More work can be done in less time and fewer lines need to be written to deploy the working code.
  • Compatibility: Existing codebase can be easily used with Kotlin and it can be used for any kind of development.
  • Modern: Most developers use Kotlin if they have to develop an android app. because it brings all of the advantages of a modern language to the Android platform without any =restrictions. Kotlin is officially accepted by Google for android development.
  • Safe: Kotlin’s improved type system brings better type safety fixing what was called by many billion-dollar mistakes. It also allows you to create new constructs which were impossible in java.

We at “Vivid Techno”, leverage the strength of Kotlin for android app development. Our developers are experts in an integrated development environment of Android studio. We believe to take your android app development project to the next level with Kotlin. We are best at Kotlin app development in Delhi NCR. We always focus on delivering perfection with app development. Choose us for your next Android app development project.


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