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Multi Level Marketing Web Services

All kind of web support is available to MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Company, by Vividians. Vivid Development Services Pvt Ltd has wide experiences of making website development with mathematical calculations and functions like genealogy and finance, capping and others. Binary and matrix genealogy tree with various capping, schemes, bonus, and invoicing and others details will not only be managed but also be designed here. 

(Multi Level Marketing) MLM Genealogy for Agents

To trace and identify followers and overall team status of a leader in MLM firm/company, our software display a easy MLM genealogy. Leader can easily check the whole team with a single click with their status. Whole team can be shown under a MLM genealogy tree. A typical MLM genealogy is as follows:


Vivid Development Services Pvt Ltd created decent and accurate software for MLM Genealogy. Actually this particular designing and development of website and software of MLM make it best in industry.

Calculation of Saturation, Schemes, bonus & Capping of MLM Plans

Its utmost important to get a perfect MLM Plans and it can be possible only if financial analysis of plans and schemes will be measured accurately. Accurate & in-depth analysis at every level gives exact point of saturation of profitability of project. Hence chances of financial losses will be remove all the way. Distribution of schemes and bonuses to agents must be taken into account in financial calculation. Vividian's MLM software calculate every bit of profits & losses to the company and make plans perfect.

MLM Domain & Dedicated Server

Domain should be purchased relevant to firm's name only. ".com" or ".in" are relevant extensions in India, while other domain extension can be purchased if chosen name is not available in ".com" or ".in". Domain can purchased through "domain registrar". One Year registration cost of domain will be ranges from Rs. 800/- to 5,000/-. While if premium domain opted then it would cost upto Rs. 10,00,000/- too. 

There are various hosting plans available by the service provider, while Vividian's always recommend to purchase a dedicated server to keep files and folders. Dedicated server also ranges from Rs. 7,000/- to Rs. 35,000/- per month. Dedicated server are fast, reliable, safe & secure. As MLM always have huge registrations and number of agents, so good featured server required to handle operations of MLM Websites. So rather than to go with slow and unsecured server, purchase only dedicated server to best performances of MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Website.

E-commerce MLM Website Designing & Development 

E-commerce features with MLM plans are completed for "Multi Level Marketing" company by Vividians.  Front-end of Website are designed and development with E-commerce features, so that user can directly purchase products from the websites only. Once user purchase products from the MLM Website, Agent code will be generated and as per schemes and MLM plans, Agents will get MLM points. 

Rather than to show 'MLM Points' to 'Agent' of MLM company, we directly show details of earnings and other payment details. Invoice can be generated to the Agents. Also MLM genealogy will be shown as per MLM Plans to the Agents too. Leaders can also check the invoicing of its followers.

For More Information Please feel free to call MLM Experts @ 9811445833 / 9811442146.

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