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Matrimonial Web Services

More than 10 of years of experiences of working with matrimonial clients make 'Vividians' experts in making and maintaining matrimonial web services. Best of matrimonial websites are made at 'Vivid Development Services Pvt Ltd'. We categories matrimonial services into two categories:

  1. Matrimonial website Designing with online registration & Advance Search options to customers
  2. Matrimonial website Designing with Admin Featured & Match Making facilities

Most 'Matrimonial Service Provider' usage first options in which 'Direct Customers' can easily make his/her profile and put preferences of partner by own or their relatives. Profile of a Matrimonial users can be managed directly by the users from front-end of websites. Company also provide paid services to users by which users can search profile of preferred partners. Online Registration by the End Users of 'Matrimonial Website' is the key feature in 1st type of 'Matrimonial Website Development services'. Usually Matrimonial Packages for customers/ 'End-users' & Advance Search Options to them are least & mandatory function. While a typical 1st Kind of Matrimonial Website Development has following features:

  • Type of User 
    • Customer (Self/Relative/Friend)
    • Admin
    • Staff (Lead Management)
    • Staff (Match Making)
    • Invoice
  • Packages For Customer (It help customer to select a plan that most suited him/her)
    • Master of Package to set Days of Plans with number of views
  • User's Master
    • Customer Profile / Biodata ( Specified by Matrimonial Company
    • Staff with permissible rights
  • coming soon
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